Every Friday we utilize our blog/social media to promote a black artist. This week we have chosen Amber Singletary, a freelance graphing designer from Baltimore, MD. Amber’s appreciation for drawing began in middle school, but was put on the back-burner temporarily as she pursued her college basketball career.

This particular piece represents her accepting vulnerability and not being afraid to step out into the world with it. She says that black women are constantly the object of FullSizeRenderaffection, praise, and swooning as it pertains to our bodies and physical features. However, the “naked girl” series represents the power of the black woman’s


body, while also observing how our bodies do not touch the vast universe inside of our brains and consciousness.

Initially she drew inspiration from herself and her own insecurities. Then, she began to realize that many black women felt the same way she did about their bodies, their place in the “professional” world, and even their issues with men. This acted as her foundation, being that every bit of her inspiration comes from black women past, present, and future.

Being black is what her work is about. She excels to prove that black women can be better than any stereotype. In fact, she chose pursue her degree in Mississippi, because she believed that there was a void of images of successful black women here. She says, “We never hear about all the good things we are doing for this community. So, I plan to speak so loud and my art be so bold that no one can hush us anymore.”FullSizeRender (2)

When asked about the future of her work, she says, “I pray to inspire anyone that comes in contact with my work. Not just my work, but with myself period. I want to be someone that people know will not pass judgment and will help anyway I can in making anyone the best version of themselves they can be. Art can do that, knowledge can do that, and most importantly no better people than black women can do that.”

Follow her on Instagram @ambdotcom for more of her work.


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